Female And Postnatal Health Equipment


Postnatal Health Care Primary Aspects from Dr.Temp in South Africa

Being aware of the medical technology and innovations that you have at your disposal, can have a tremendous impact on your health. The medical supplies below pertain to female health and postnatal procedures. They ensure that patients are handled with care and are nurtured from their first breath to uncomfortable, medical evaluations later on in life.

What Dr Temp product, in these fields, we are describing? Use the 5 clues below…

This innovation is highly beneficial to gynaecologists and is part of our priority to bring you safe and scientifically validated technologies. The tool is: Dr Temp’s Vaginal Speculum.

For some people, going to the gynaecologist can be a stressful or awkward experience. Whatever your feeling, we aim to ensure that this process is as accurate and as efficient as possible. As a result, your check-up can be vastly improved by the use of our product.

Cancer screening is particularly important and early detection can make a phenomenal difference to the success of later treatments. So too, accurate detection is paramount, which is why the LED light in our product makes the detection of lesions and abnormalities more precise than naked-eye examinations. It is also noteworthy that our product is compliant with gynaecological equipment guidelines and requirements.

These check-ups are thus a fundamental aspect of maintaining female health. It is often recommended that you go for an annual check-up, yet this is viewed as excessive by Harvard Health. Instead, it is that recommended that you go for a check-up before age 21, irrespective of your sexual activity. From your first appointment onwards you should follow the instructions of your gynaecologist, regarding any follow-up appointments and treatments. Each individual is different, so listen your gynaecologist, their advice is based off of your current level of health.

The reasons listed below, curtesy of Medical News Today, cover a myriad of reasons why you could require a check-up. Some of these include:

These reasons only cover issues that frequently arise. There are however, a number of other reasons to go see the gynaecologist, especially if you start experiencing any abnormalities, pain or discomfort.

Female health is not the only avenue that we are fully dedicated to improving. We are also dedicated to postnatal health and equipment, for those interested in having children. Again, you have 5 clues to figure the product out…

For parents, their baby’s health is paramount, especially right after birth. That is why our product, the O Clamp Umbilical Cord Clamp, is highly advantageous. It cuts the baby’s umbilical cord, in a safe and sterile way.

Interestingly, an increasing amount of evidence is emerging promoting the slight delay of umbilical cord cutting. An article by Gatewood from CNN notes that later clamping does not put either the mother or child at risk. Instead, delayed clamping could provide preterm infants with heightened support and a range of various other benefits, such as improved heart circulation.

Whether on not you elect to have this cutting process delayed, the cut itself should be administered by an effective and precise product, such as our O Clamp. For more information, namely on how to use this product, click ,here.

Moreover, maternal and infant mortality is a problematic area of healthcare, especially in regions with a lower socio-economic status. As a result, countries in Africa are particularly at risk. The World Health Organization outlines these issues in a comprehensive fact sheet that you can access, here. Most of the causes of maternal and infant mortality can be prevented, suggesting that these problems and deaths should not be occurring. We believe that access to quality resources and medical knowledge can save lives, which is why Dr Temp is dedicated to these areas of healthcare.

For all your other medical other equipment needs, go to our products page, here. We offer tutorial videos on how to use our products to further ensure your safety and provide you with additional, valuable insights.