A “Healthy Habits” Segment From Dr Temp


Best Healthy Habits & healthy Eating Habits from Dr.Temp in South Africa

As a medical supplies company,improving people’s health is at the foundation of our value system. We do so by proving you with research-backed technologies and innovative medical equipment (which you can survey, here). So too, we aim to provide you with beneficial information and advice. This post covers four areas where you can bolster your healthy living habits.

Physical Health:

It is common knowledge that exercise is healthy for you. Yet, it may not be something you thoroughly enjoy. We want you to think of exercising as an investment in your future. According to neuroscientistWendy Suzuki, exercise can play a vital role in improving your mood as well as areas such as your memory. So too, it can safeguard you from degenerative diseases. Go and watch her fascinating Ted Talk, ,here.

Beneficial information on exercise and physical health

Our recommendations are:

– If you have a gym membership, make use of it

– Alternatives to memberships are downloading exercise apps and finding tutorials on Instagram channels or YouTube

– Going for walks is an easy way to ease yourself into active living

– Try to participate in social or competitive sports if you find ‘exercises’ or gym workouts monotonous

Remember- to fully reap the benefits of exercise, it needs to be a regular undertaking. Suzuki notes that “The rule of thumb is you want to get three to four times a week exercise: minimum 30 minutes an exercise session, and you want to get aerobic exercise in.”

Mental health:

In the year 2020, mental health is a more accessible topic. Whilst some people view mental health as a taboo, we are here to speak candidly about it. A definition by the WHO suggests that “mental health is a state of well-being in which an individual realizes [their] own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and is able to make a

contribution to [their] community.”

If we begin to react in a maladaptive way to the demands of life, our mental strength may deteriorate.

The benefits of mental health and support

There are many options available to ensure this does not happen, such as:

– Seeing a phycologist

– Prayer or meditation

– Having allocated stress free periods

– Indulging in self care (journaling, enjoying a hobby etc.)

Dietary health:

Dieting and weight loss are often ideals that are perpetuated on social media. We heed you to be cautious and not fall victim to damaging regimes or inaccurate meal plans. The WHO lists a comprehensive guide on healthy eating, that you can access and review carefully, ,here.

The importance of dietary health and healthy eating

A few others recommendations are:

– Consulting a nutritionist if necessary

– Reduce your intake of alcohol and use of cigarettes (as well as other related products)

– Reduce your consumption of sugar

– Reduce your intake of salt

– Take vitamins and supplements

Social health:

The significance of social health and human connection

In an age of COVID-19 and social distancing it is normal to feel increasingly isolated. As a result, we encourage you to reach out and interact with people. This could be via digital platforms or making physical plans to see people. We offer an extensive range of equipment, view ,here, that enables you to engage with others safely.

We urge you to connect and include other people in your healthy lifestyle changes. Doing activities with others and motivating one another can make an extraordinary difference.

At Dr Temp, we hope that you will make a few of these beneficial changes where possible. If you feel demoralised along the way, consult this Ted Talk by David Asch on the parts of human nature that make “it so hard to make healthy decisions”, ,here.