Everything You Need to Know About Infection Control
Infection Control


Quality patient care and hygienic practices are at the helm of our mission at Dr Temp. That is why effective infection control is a fundamental aspect of our work. Reducing the risk of infection is currently ingrained in our behaviour as we assist in the attempt to stunt the spread of COVID-19. However, there are a plethora of other infectious agents that wreak havoc in healthcare settings.

How does this happen?

HAI are often to blame. Also know as hospital-acquired infections, these infections negatively infect and affect patients. The process would look something like this…

Healthcare environments, that should be sanctuaries for fostering health, thus often unintentionally compromise a patient’s immune system. The source of these pathogens or germs can be found on physical objects or surfaces as well as on people. These pathogens or germs can then be transmitted to vulnerable patients.

How prevalent is this issue?

Numerous studies have found that regular, reusable thermometers have the potential to harbour and transmit antibiotic resistant bacteria. Antibiotics are one of the main treatments that are utilised to combat infections. Anti-biotic resistant strains thus have the potential to he highly problematic.

​Our specialty is the safe distribution and usage of DISPOSABLE thermometers. Let’s look at some infection statistics pertaining to reusable thermometers:

Combatting the spread:

The CDC notes 2 systems of precautions that can be implemented to reduce the risk of contamination and infection, in general.

The first system includes recommendations that range from hand washing to safe injection practices to maintaining a sterile environment and more. These actions are all aimed at reducing the risk and spread of infections. We recommend that you consult the detailed list, ,here.

For how to practise safe ‘transmission-based precautions’, in instances when patients are known or suspected to have an infection click ,here.

Our solution at Dr Temp

The CDC’s guidelines above are highly useful when it comes to reducing the spread of HAI and infections in general. At Dr Temp we are fully dedicated to infection control, but with a niche twist. Our speciality is DISPOSABLE thermometers. These thermometers save lives and save costs by:

· Being designed for infection control

· Posing zero risk of cross-infection between patients

· Reducing costs associated with Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI).

To learn more about the thermometers that we have on offer, click ,here. We look forward to safeguarding your health and being at the forefront of your infection control systems.