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Dimensions: 22,5 cm x 34,5 cm



Face protection shields for

factory, retail, medical professionals, adults and children.

Material: Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol-modified.

Thickness: 400 micron.

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Dimensions: 18,5 cm x 26,5 cm


Adjustable strap to accommodate all head sizes.


Re-usable: Wash with soapy water using a microfiber cloth to avoid scratching. Visor can be disinfected afterwards using hand sanitizer or any ethanol based disinfectant.

More Products

NexTemp® Ultra 

Disposable Clinical Patient Thermometers

NexTemp® Ultra Clinical Patient thermometer is a safe cost-effective disposable thermometer which measures oral, axillary or rectaltemperatures on adults and children alike.


Semi-disposable Clinical Patient Thermometers


TraxIt® Semi-Disposable Clinical Patient Thermometer is a waterproof children’s underarm thermometer which provides continuous readings for up to 48 hours on a single patient. 
Gentle sticker, Traxit gives immediate readings (even in the bath), providing peace of mind for caring parents for 48 hours after the consultation.

O Clamp

Umbilical Cord Clamp

Dr Temp's Umbilical Cord Clamp:
Easy to apply under wet conditions. Clamps securely and tightly. Sterile. Adapted to the African continent. Never pops open. No harm to baby.
One Patient = One Cord Clamp.


Dial Thermometer


Wearable Stethoscope Disinfection


The first wearable automatic device for stethoscope disinfection, specifically designed to ensure security
and deep hygiene to patients thanks to the action of UV-C LED rays.

OxyFect Water Treatment Tablet  for Disi

OxyFect™ Tablet

For Disinfectant 


Your Corona Virus Spray

The tablet dissolves into the water within 20 seconds and creates a dissolved gas in the water. This dissolved gas kills all the bacteria, viruses, molds, spores and fungi in under 2 minutes, then evaporates, resulting in a zero-residue surface disinfection.

Digital Wall


This economical digital max/min thermometer feature a easy to read display that simultaneously shows the current and max/min temperatures. The instrument accurately measures temperature over the

range -50 to +70◦C

The thermometer is ideal for grow rooms, greenhouses, care homes, offices and other buildings for monitoring temperature to prevent plant damage or conserve energy.

Vaginal Speculum

with LED light

The vaginal speculum is used for gynecological examinations.
This instrument is used when the vagina or cervix needs to be inspected visually.

Available with or without light source.
The speculum with the light source contains a battery and the battery should be disposed of in general waste while the speculum is disposed of in medical waste.

Call: 012 346 5146

How to use our products


wearable Stethoscope disinfection

It counteracts the insurgence
of viruses and bacterial infections.

It eliminates the pathogenic
microorganisms through UV-C rays.

waterproof children’s underarm thermometer

TraxIt® Semi-Disposable Clinical Patient Thermometer is a semi-disposable heart-shaped peel off thermometer with an encapsulated matrix of harmless non-toxic chemical dots. It employs "Precision Phase-Change" technology.

safe cost-effective disposable thermometer

NexTemp® Ultra Disposable Clinical Patient Thermometer measures oral or axillary temperature in Celsius scale with a 1 full-minute signal retention.

"Precision Phase-Change" technology is employed.   


Helping Patients Breathe Easy

As seen on

Dr Temp

Breathe Assist

BREATHE ASSIST is a device that works through a BVM (Bag-Valve-Mask Ventilator) and allows for Health Care Provider (HCP) to regulate positive pressure ventilation to patients who are having difficulty breathing but do not require a ventilator.

The device connects to a supply of oxygen on the one side and to the patient's mask on the other side.

Switch to disposable thermometers

and help fight the fight against cross-infections.


Hospital-acquired infections (nosocomial infections) are acquired in healthcare settings by patients admitted for reasons unrelated to the infection or not previously infected when admitted to the facility.

Hospital-acquired infections are caused by viral, bacterial, and fungal pathogens.


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