Breast Cancer Breakdown


The bigger picture:

Breast Cancer Symptoms, Treatment & Prevention

Now that you are aware of the scale of Breast Cancer and its malignant pertinence, we can dive into the details:

Vital information about breast cancer

The prevalence of various cancers appears to be increasing and breast cancer is at the forefront for many women. Interestingly, it can also affect men (although the number of women affected is much higher). The cause of any cancer is often difficult to pinpoint, yet there are propagating factors when it comes to breast cancer. The factors listed below are outside individual control, and increase your risk of getting breast cancer.


The experience of having breast cancer is not universally applicable and is highly dependent upon each individual’s journey. So too, the symptoms that manifest can depend on each person. Those listed below are symptoms to be aware of and monitor, should they arise.

These are key symptoms that the CDC notes, yet it is also recommended that you are familiar with the whole scope of potential indicators. More detailed information can be accessed on the CANSA website, ,here– (you can even download informative PDF documents).


The potential risks of cancer can often feel terrifying and outside one’s control. Whilst this is true, there are a few factors that you can control or influence, in order to reduce your risk.

These factors can be considered ‘lifestyle’ changes or influences. Yet, you can also be proactivein your cancer awareness and possible prevention.

The actions listed below are steps that CANSA SA suggests that you can take, in order to ensure you are healthy and lower your risk.


The treatment of any cancer can be a tumultuous experience. The effectiveness of each treatment is also dependent on the stage of the cancer. The following are possible options when it comes to breast cancer.

How can you help others?

– Cancer treatments can be exorbitant. Donating money towards someone’s treatment could be life-changing. So too, research for breast cancer can always benefit from donations in order to promote breakthroughs and improved science.

– If monetary support is not possible, you can always add value by spreading awareness. Reading this post is a great start. More information can also be accessed, here.

As always, we hope that you remain healthy and benefit from the power of this knowledge.