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Fascinating Medical Facts & Fascinating Dr Temp Solutions in South Africa

At Dr Temp we love to add extra value wherever we can: We truly believe that knowledge makes a phenomenal difference, which is why we are invested in training people to use our equipment effectively. In addition, we remain committed to numerous community outreach training programmes.

This post is inspired by our continual dedication to such knowledge and learning. We hope you find it both entertaining and practical.

A prescription of historical medical facts, modern medical myths and Dr Temp's fascinating medical solutions.

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Historical medical facts

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A Few Doses of Historical Medical Facts:

1. Did you know that laughing gas spawned the first anaesthetic?

Laughing gas was often used as a source of entertainment. People under the influence of nitrous oxide were showcased on theatrical stages for popular amusement. It was later replaced with ether and administered to patients, successfully putting them to sleep, dulling any sensation of pain. The process of creating this anaesthetic was controversial, with Wells, Morton and Jackson each laying claim to the procedure. (Cue back-stabbing and the theft of intellectual property). (1)

2. Have you ever heard of blood-letting?

A doctor wary of the historical practice of blood-letting.

This was the process whereby patients would have leeches intentionally latched onto their skin. For thousands of years, people thought that numerous illnesses were caused by having an excess of blood in their body. Leeches thus became the solution to getting rid of any “bad blood”. (NB: do not try this at home). (1)

Medical science has advanced but many ‘wives tales’ persist…

Modern Medical Myths:

The information provided below is beneficial to know in mild emergency situations. It does not however replace seeking actual medical assistance from professionals.

1. Should you put butter on a burn?

Doctor disapproving of putting butter on a burn, as it potentially causes more damage.

You may have encountered or heard of this ‘home remedy’ before, but it is definitely not recommended. It may actually damage the skin further as the butter can potentially trap heat and continuing the burning process.

Instead, it is widely recommended that you run the burn under a cold tap for a prolonged period (about 20min). Pressing ice to the skin is also risky as the extreme change in temperature and physical contact could cause further damage. Stick to the tap and a topical burn relief salve. If the burn is serious – consult a doctor. (2)

2. Should you try to suck snake venom out of a bite?

In South Africa we have an array of venomous snakes. Sucking out the venom is another myth that is widely circulated. This is not good idea! Your best option is to get medical assistance as quickly as possible. You should also keep your heart rate as low as possible to slow the circulation of venom in your blood-stream. Placing the bite mark below your heart should assist this process. If medical treatment is a long distance away, it is recommended that you apply a tourniquet above the bite. (3)

Thankfully many medical myths have given way to science and progress. At Dr Temp, we pride ourselves on evidence-based technologies and innovative equipment.

Fascinating Dr Temp Solutions:

1. When was the last time you cleaned your stethoscope?

StetClean, Dr Temp's wearable stethoscope disinfection.

Stethoscopes are one of the most frequently used items of medical equipment. That means their contact between patients is extremely high. But, an alarmingly low 10 – 20% of medical personnel actually clean their stethoscopes. This poses potential health risks associated with cross-contamination. Our wearable stethoscope disinfection, StetClean, solves this pertinent problem. StetClean is both portable and ecological, providing a sustainable solution to this often overlooked practice. To find out more about this technology, click here.

2. Is the disinfectant you rely on, actually safe to use?

Oxyfect™ range of disinfectant water tablets that kill all traces of superbugs, eradicate bio-slime and algae and leave zero chemical residue behind.

In a time of COVID-19, it may feel as if everything is lathered in hand-sanitizer or disinfectant. Whilst this is an important step in ensuring we are protected from any viruses, our sensitivity towards chemicals should not be overlooked. Our Oxyfect™ range of disinfectant water tablets are the solution! They kill all traces of superbugs, eradicate bio-slime and algae and leave zero chemical residue behind. This means that people and animals alike are at no risk of being harmed.

To read more, ,click here. Interestingly, the tablets turn the water green to indicate that the disinfectant is active.

We hope that you have been enriched by this extra medical knowledge. We encourage you to use our equipment and services in order to stay healthy, stay safe and stay informed.

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