Wearable Stethoscope disinfection

The first wearable automatic device for stethoscope disinfection,
specifically designed to ensure security and deep hygiene to patients
thanks to the action of UV-C LED rays.

Always within reach

The stethoscope is the most used medical tool in the world. Despite this fact, only 10-20% of sanitary personnel regularly clean or disinfect their stethoscope before using it on each patient. This bad practice exponentially increase the contamination of the tool after every use and consequently the possibility of transmitting infectious illnesses
to patients.


STET CLEAN, specially designed to fit into the pocket of the coats usually worn by professionals, represents an effective and efficient solution to these problems.

Technological features

  • fixture with innovative UV-C Led technology

  • automatic double level of treatment: 3 minutes for standard disinfection + 2 minutes for deeper disinfection

  • automatic switch on when the Stethoscope is attached

  • double control system, optical and mechanical sensorial, activation in operational safety

  • microprocessor for irradiation and safety checks

  • special polycarbonate body

  • light (100 grams) and pocket (limited size)

  • luminous indication of operation: treatment in progress, complete treatment, low battery, malfunctions

  • rechargeable battery via standard micro USB cable

  • high battery runtimes

Why an UV-C LED device

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