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Kristin De Decker
December 4, 2020
Mercury Traditional & Dr.Temp Disposable Thermometer in South Africa

Thermometry devices are often synonymous with our company as our Traxit and NexTemp thermometers are highly regarded and technologically advanced. Traxit is especially geared towards children and is semi-disposable, whilst NexTemp Ultra is revolutionary in that it is disposable. They are both particularly effective in reducing the risks and costs associated with HAI, something of continual relevance during the COVID-19 pandemic. Click ,here, to access more information about these two products.

You probably already know about these products, however, you may not be familiar with our Digital Wall Thermometer and our Fridge/ Freezer Thermometer:

Our Digital Wall Thermometer is digital; making it economical and safe.

Did you know: early thermometers utilized toxic mercury to measure temperature.

There are still mercury thermometers today, however they are a rarity - having been increasingly replaced by alcohol, and digital versions. It is noteworthy that the ,WHO advocates for the replacement of such mercury thermometers due to health and environmental concerns.

Some fascinating facts about mercury can be seen below…

If you are interested, you can learn more about the history of creating the mercury thermometer, ,here. This is where you will engage with figures such as Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheitand Anders Celsius.

Back to our, Dr Temp, thermometers. The Digital Wall Thermometer efficiently shows the current temperature simultaneously with the max-min temperatures, for your convenience. The display is also easy to read, further ensuring accurate usage of the device. The instrument precisely measures temperature over the range -50◦C to +70◦C. The thermometer is ideal for grow rooms, greenhouses, care homes, offices and other buildings as it will precisely monitor the temperature of the facility.

This is noteworthy as numerous facilities rely on precise and accurate temperature readings. Pharmacies, hospitals and clinics require consistent, colder temperatures for certain medications. Mortuaries are another type of facility that would also rely on chilled environments.

So too, the thermometer ensures that energy is conserved, reducing expenses and having a greener impact on energy consumption. Additionally, our products can be used to monitor temperatures in laboratories and safeguard the viability of vaccines and biological samples.

Click ,here to view more of our beneficial medical supplies.

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DrTemp (Pty) Ltd supplies medical devices, specializing in infection prevention and control. We are the exclusive distributor of TraxIt and NexTemp disposable clinical thermometers in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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