Why Use Disposable Thermometers?

This question can only be answered if you know what HAI are… Generally, conversations surrounding hospital visits are intertwined with concerns about ‘superbugs’ and diseases that spread easily in environments saturated with sick people. This is due to the prevalence of HAI or Hospital Acquired Infections. The CDC notes the various types of HAI that […]

Should You Get A COVID-19 Vaccine?

A cure or vaccine for COVID-19 has not been met with success, but trials and tests are underway. When a vaccine is ready, should you take it? (If you need a refresher on the logistics of COVID-19, click here). If your answer was No / Maybe / Unsure: Anti-vaccine sentiment is not new, so you […]

Dr Temp: Who Are We?

Medical Device Suppliers

Here are some clues: (take the blue letters in the sentences and use them to fill the blocks). We have been invested in healthcare since 2002. We provide doctors, clients and people with healthcare equipment. These innovations have improved the health industry. That makes us a: But, our mission is so much more: We are […]