Detailed Profiles Of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI)

Hospital Acquired Infection Control Measures in South Africa

We strive to share information about the fundamental importance of sanitary practices. That is why previous blog posts have endeavoured to convey the multitudinous benefits of preventing cross contamination.  The term HAI has thus been used frequently and an overall picture has been sketched. If you are uncertain about what HAI are, click here. If […]

Everything You Need to Know About Infection Control

Infection Control

Quality patient care and hygienic practices are at the helm of our mission at Dr Temp. That is why effective infection control is a fundamental aspect of our work. Reducing the risk of infection is currently ingrained in our behaviour as we assist in the attempt to stunt the spread of COVID-19. However, there are […]

Healthcare Challenges For SA Children

It is common knowledge that South Africa’s healthcare infrastructure is overburdened. This means that access to healthcare, for the majority of South Africans, is often compromised. It is unsurprising then, that children are frequently vulnerable and at risk. Below is a brief description of the landscape of medical access in our country. A brief overview: […]

Everything You Should Know About COVID-19 Vaccines

COVID-19 has now been a part of our lingo, lifestyle and livelihoods for a significant amount of time. The successful creation of numerous vaccines can thus be seen as a positive turning point and possible reprieve. However, vaccine creation, production and distribution can be a highly complex process, one that is fraught with financial and […]

Dr Temp Talks Thermometers

Thermometry devices are often synonymous with our company as our Traxit and NexTemp thermometers are highly regarded and technologically advanced. Traxit is especially geared towards children and is semi-disposable, whilst NexTemp Ultra is revolutionary in that it is disposable. They are both particularly effective in reducing the risks and costs associated with HAI, something of […]

A “Healthy Habits” Segment From Dr Temp

As a medical supplies company,improving people’s health is at the foundation of our value system. We do so by proving you with research-backed technologies and innovative medical equipment (which you can survey, here). So too, we aim to provide you with beneficial information and advice. This post covers four areas where you can bolster your […]

Female And Postnatal Health Equipment

Being aware of the medical technology and innovations that you have at your disposal, can have a tremendous impact on your health. The medical supplies below pertain to female health and postnatal procedures. They ensure that patients are handled with care and are nurtured from their first breath to uncomfortable, medical evaluations later on in […]

Breast Cancer Breakdown

The bigger picture: Now that you are aware of the scale of Breast Cancer and its malignant pertinence, we can dive into the details: Vital information about breast cancer The prevalence of various cancers appears to be increasing and breast cancer is at the forefront for many women. Interestingly, it can also affect men (although […]

Fascinating Medical Facts

At Dr Temp we love to add extra value wherever we can: We truly believe that knowledge makes a phenomenal difference, which is why we are invested in training people to use our equipment effectively. In addition, we remain committed to numerous community outreach training programmes. This post is inspired by our continual dedication to […]

Healthcare Partnership Opportunity

Helping people is at the core of our value system and our medical supplies are just one of the avenues that make this possible. That is why we are enthralled to announce our new Partnership Program. Meaningful relationships and the exchange of vital skills are key aspects of our future business plan. We hope that […]