Why Use Disposable Thermometers?


Children's Underarm & Disposable Thermometers in South Africa

This question can only be answered if you know what HAI are…

Generally, conversations surrounding hospital visits are intertwined with concerns about ‘superbugs’ and diseases that spread easily in environments saturated with sick people. This is due to the prevalence of HAI or Hospital Acquired Infections.

The CDC notes the various types of HAI that circulate in patient-concentrated environments. These include: ‘central line-associated bloodstream infections, catheter-associated urinary tract infections, ventilator-associated pneumonia and surgery site infections’. More details on each category can be ,,accessed here.

HAI, therefore, affect and adversely influence multiple areas of patient health. These patients are usually already at risk and susceptible to infection, making HAI a potent problem in the medical field.

The following ,,infographic from the WHO effectively conveys the seriousness of this situation.

We have found that implementing single-use disposable thermometers significantly reduces the risk of HAI as it minimizes the exchange of germs between different patients. This is increasingly relevant in the climate of COVID-19, as thermometers remain one of the few pieces of medical equipment still being shared between patients. Preventing sick patients from further exposure should be prioritised as it is counterproductive to healthcare and resource allocation. We aim to transform this area with our one patient- one thermometer mind-set.

Why use our our products?

We are the exclusive distributor of Traxit and NexTemp disposable clinical thermometers in Sub-Saharan Africa. Our thermometers are not only disposable but also fast and accurate, especially designed for infection control with zero risk of cross-infection between patients. As a result, the costs of HAI and its often devastating results, are thwarted.

Here is a brief breakdown of each product. We encourage you to read the extensive information on the website.

NexTemp: Disposable clinical thermometer

This single-use thermometer is individually wrapped and designed for high accuracy readings. It aims to reduces the risk of ‘C. difficle’, MRSA, Norovirus and Rotavirus. Get readings in 3 min or 1 min depending on site of application.

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Traxit: Semi-Disposable underarm thermometer

This thermometer is waterproof and designed for children. Placed in a child’s underarm, this thermometer provides continuous readings for up to 48 hours on a single patient.

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We hope you make use of our revolutionary equipment in order to reduce the risk of HAI and safeguard patient health on a myriad of levels.