Dr Temp: Who Are We?
Medical Device Suppliers


Here are some clues: (take the blue letters in the sentences and use them to fill the blocks).

We have been invested in healthcare since 2002.

We provide doctors, clients and people with healthcare equipment.

These innovations have improved the health industry.

That makes us a:

But, our mission is so much more:

We are dedicated to saving medical costs, while maintaining consistent quality.

This amplifies our ability to save LIVES.

The medical field is a pivotal pillar of society, as cultivating and advancing healthcare ensures that people can function at their optimum.

By investing in research-based practices and technologies, proficient training, cutting-edge patient care and personalised after-care service, we maximise our power to improve people’s standard of health.

The team in action:

We are dedicated to bolstering medical excellence and enriching the lives of those that we encounter.

This hard working team is the backbone of our company. A company that is both well established and transformative within the medical arena. People are imperative tools of knowledge and expertise. So too, medical supplies play a fundamental role and scaffold medical practitioners’ capabilities.

We offer an array of equipment and we invite you to ,explore our website to interact with and learn more about these products. Pay special attention to our Breathe Assist technology and Disposable Thermometers.

Having equipment of the highest quality is pertinent, especially during a

pandemic like COVID-19. The Medical Supplies Industry has become overextended in some areas and saturated in others, with unreliable facts and an abundance of uncertified PPE (personal protective equipment) being circulated.

We strive to provide you with information and equipment that is reliable as well as revolutionary.

We were devoted to healthcare before COVID-19, we will continue to be invested in medical service throughout this pandemic and in the future, we aim to be at the forefront of transformative medical technology.