Revolutionary Disposable Clinical Thermometer

Nextemp Thermometer

This thermometer will retain its reading for a full 1 minute

Traditional thermometers are one of the few medical devices still shared between patients, carrying the risk of cross-infection of germs between patients. Thus contributing to exorbitant wasteful costs.

NexTemp® Ultra is a fast and disposable clinical patient thermometer designed for infection control with zero risk of cross-infection between patients, considerably reducing costs associated with Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI)

Why switch to NexTemp® Ultra?

NexTemp® Ultra Single-Use Disposable Clinical Thermometer is individually wrapped and intended for single-patient use.

It is designed for high-accuracy readings and to save patients from exposure to infections such as ‘C. difficult, MRSA, Norovirus, and Rotavirus. NexTemp® Ultra thermometers circumvent this risk by providing a clean instrument used by a single patient and then discarded.


Store: At or below 30◦C (86◦F)
Range: 35.5 – 40.4◦C


+/- 0.1◦C (37.0◦C Through 39◦C)
+/- 0.2◦C (Elsewhere)


Lead Time: 0-14 days
Minimum Order Requirement: 1 Case
Packaging: 100 ct. box / 20 boxes per case
Pallet Configuration: 209 Cases per Pallet


NexTemp® Ultra clinical patient thermometers measure oral and axillary temperature in Celsius scale with a 1 full-minute signal retention time.

Easy to use - use in one of two ways:

Training Video: