Disposable clinical thermometer

This thermometer will retain its reading for a full 1 minute.

Traditional thermometers are one of the few medical devices still shared between patients, carrying the risk of cross-infection of germs between patients. Thus contributing to exorbitant wasteful costs.

NexTemp® Ultra is a fast and disposable clinical patient thermometer designed for infection control with zero risk of cross-infection between patients, considerably reducing costs associated with Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI)
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Store: At or below 30◦C (86◦F)
Range: 35.5 - 40.4◦C


+/- 0.1◦C (37.0◦C Through 39◦C)
+/- 0.2◦C (Elsewhere)

Product information

Lead Time: 0-14 days
Minimum Order Requirement: 1 Case
Packaging: 100 ct. box / 20 boxes per case
Pallet Configuration: 209 Cases per Pallet


NexTemp® Ultra clinical patient thermometers measure oral and axillary temperature in Celsius scale with a 1 full-minute signal retention time.

Why switch to NexTemp® Ultra?

NexTemp® Ultra Single-Use Disposable Clinical Thermometer is individually wrapped and intended for single patient use.

It is designed for high accuracy readings and to save patients from exposure to infections such as 'C. difficle', MRSA, Norovirus and Rotavirus. NexTemp® Ultra thermometers circumvent this risk by providing a clean instrument that is used by a single patient and then discarded.
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Easy to use:

Use in one of two ways

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DrTemp (Pty) Ltd supplies medical devices, specializing in infection prevention and control. We are the exclusive distributor of TraxIt and NexTemp disposable clinical thermometers in Sub-Saharan Africa.

DrTemp also manufactures 
the O Clamp umbilical cord clamps, proudly made in South Africa.
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South African Medical Device Industry Association (SAMED)
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