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Healthcare Partnership Opportunity

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Helping people is at the core of our value system and our medical supplies are just one of the avenues that make this possible. That is why we are enthralled to announce our new Partnership Program.

Meaningful relationships and the exchange of vital skills are key aspects of our future business plan. We hope that collaboration will fuel our growth and effectiveness as a company. By drawing on the skills of others, outside our own scope, we can foster mutually constructive business networks and ecosystems.

Could you be our next partner?

We are looking to integrate our revolutionary disposable thermometers in government hospitals and various other public facilities. Supplies sold in your community will then earn a commission on every purchase order.

Click here to access more information about these transformative thermometers.

Examine our Partner Program Checklist below to see if you qualify.

Key Benefits of becoming a Dr Temp partner:

The chance to fortify the public health sector with quality equipment is a large motivating factor, yet there are numerous other benefits:

This is a fantastic employment opportunity for those with experience in the medical arena as a commission (products sold under the tender) or mark-up (sales to private institutions) can be earned. This creates a positive cycle between product sales and remuneration.

The process of selling our products is equally enriched by access to training programs. These programs equip partners with the relevant knowledge about our Dr Temp products.

Next, sales support is also available. Partners will have access to a sales administrator that is dedicated to finding solution-rich content in response to any queries. We are dedicated to ensuring this collaboration successful, also aiding partners with marketing collateral and campaigns.

Finally, to ensure that all parties are contented, we provide after-sales support. This targets any customer questions or issues that could potentially arise. We look forward to partnering with you and integrating you into our medical ecosystem.

Effective partnerships cultivate success. Together we can transform the medical supplies arena- one thermometer at a time. You can SIGN-UP by following this link to our partner program page.

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