Healthcare Opportunity 

Suitable for Companies in the Healthcare Industry,

Retired Nurses and Former Hospital Workers

DrTemp provides disposable thermometers to institutions in the healthcare industry (Public and Private) including Government Hospitals and other Healthcare Facilities in the industry.  

We are giving you or your company an opportunity to introduce and sell the products to Health Care Facilities in your community and the whole territory covering the Sub-Sahara Africa and earn commission on every purchase order.

Introducing the

DrTemp Partner Ecosystem

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Dr Temp

Partner Ecosystem -
Together We Win

Creating Employment Opportunities

At Dr Temp we acknowledge that our partners will give us access to a wider range of expertise in different parts of our business.


Our partners also bring knowledge and experience that we might be lacking as Dr Temp, and complementary sales skills to help us grow the business.

We want to build our growth and success around our strong commitment to mutually beneficial relationships with our partners. We are committed to a partner program that is built on sales and business development expertise, partnership and growth for our partners.

Who can become a Dr Temp Partner?

Companies In The

Healthcare Industry

Pharmacies, Medical device companies, Medical technology companies, Specialists Offices and Clinics, and other healthcare organizations.

Retired Nurses & Other Former Healthcare Workers

Former healthcare workers with good industry knowledge, great relationships with their previous employer and access to clinics in their community.

Why become a Dr Temp Partner?

Earn Commission or Add Markup

Sell products under the tender and earn commission on every purchase order. Companies can add a markup on sales to private institutions.

Sales Support

Access to the sales administrator and have access to a dedicated support for assistance with queries.


Focused training programs are available for partners and their staff with all Dr Temp products.

Branding & Marketing Support

Our Dr Temp marketing team provides our partners with marketing collateral as well as marketing campaigns.

After-Sales Support

There are several issue-resolution support mechanisms available to help resolve all issues with Dr Temp products or customer related queries.

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