TraxIt Thermometers

traxit thermometer

Traditional thermometers are one of the few medical devices still shared between patients, carrying the risk of infection and contributing to exorbitant wasteful costs.

Dr Temp (Pty) Ltd supplies fast and accurate disposable thermometers designed for infection control with zero risk of cross-infection between patients, considerably reducing costs associated with Hospital Acquired Infection (HAI). TraxIt ® is a waterproof children’s underarm thermometer which provides continuous readings for up to 48 hours on a single patient. Gentle sticker, Traxit stays in place for up to two days (even in the bath) and gives immediate readings, providing peace of mind for caring parents and medical professionals.

Why switch to disposable?

TraxIt ® is a disposable heart-shaped peel-off thermometer with an encapsulated matrix of harmless non-toxic chemical dots.

The thermometers offer a wide range of benefits:

  • Accurate To 0.1°C consistently
  • Saves time 48 hour instant and continuous monitoring. NO shaking, NO dwelling, NO asset register
  • Safe – Non-toxic, NO mercury, NO latex
  • Saves lives One Patient = One Thermometer. NO MORE cross-infections between patients
  • Saves costsReduces Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI) bills. NO batteries, accessories or calibration
  • Long-lifeShelf-life of 5 years, no special storage conditions
  • Quality guaranteedFDA, ISO & CE Certified. ISO: 13485: 2003

6 Simple Steps

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