Into Africa

Dr Temp (Pty) Ltd is the exclusive distributor of NexTemp and Traxit disposable clinical thermometers in Sub-Saharan Africa.

We are looking for local distributors throughout Africa, with whom we would like to build a fruitful, mutually beneficial, lasting relationship.

We currently sell over 30 million units a year in South Africa, including Government institutions under tender number HM04-2015SS awarded for the period 1 November 2015 to 31 May 2018.

NexTemp and Traxit disposable thermometers are:

Designed for infection control with zero risk of cross infection between patients, therefore considerably reducing the Hospital Acquired Infections costs to hospitals and other institutions. Intended for use in hospitals, clinics, emergency services, maternity departments, pharmacies and retail.


traxit thermometer


Early detection of a fever can save a baby’s life!

  • Gentle underarm sticker
  • Instant and continuous temperature readings for 48H
  • Can stay on in the bath
  • Can be used on adults and babies
disposable thermometers


  • Single-user thermometer
  • Measures oral, axillary or rectal temperature
  • Super-accurate
  • Easy to use

Why switch to disposable?

  • Saves Lives – NO MORE cross infection
  • Saves Costs – Reduces HAI bills, NO batteries, accessories or calibration
  • Saves Time – NO shaking, NO dwelling, NO asset registers
  • Safe, Non-Toxic – NO mercury, NO latex
  • Accurate – To 0.1 degree Celsius, consistently
  • Easy to use – Free on-site training provided by local distributor

On-site training:

Due to the uniqueness of the product, a successful local distributor is expected to provide free on-site training on our thermometers to nurses and medical staff. During the short training session, the field representative also creates awareness on infection control and the importance of washing hands. Each training session lasts for about 15 minutes, therefore allowing to train the entire establishment on the products without disturbing the hospital’s efficiency.

For management personnel, we also provide a presentation on Hospital Acquired Infections and their related costs, in terms of human lives and money, together with a cost to hospital comparison between re-usable and disposable thermometers.

We would be grateful for the opportunity to present these unique thermometers to you and your relevant team and discuss further a potential agreement for your territory.

Should you be interested in becoming a distributor in your country, we would appreciate if you could please send us your company’s profile and fill the attached questionnaire.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Feel free to contact us on +27 82 771 0026 or +27 12 346 5146 or at your earliest convenience to organize a date.